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Talented. Creative. Active.
I do many things because I'm just blessed like that. hmmm. don't say ''hmmm''. but i just can't help myself.

Creator of www.freshdesignersspot.com
Wardrobe styling assistant at The CF Lee Brand.
Assistant to fashion designer Ashana Green @AGRClothing
Editor & Assistant at AnorexoFat mag
Model/runway coach; represented by @ThePhoenixLee
PR officer at @Vir2uousLtd
Team assistant/supervisor at @TheBigClash
Food photographer
Future Celeb Accountant

My Main Interests: PR, Accounting, Nollywood, Musical Theatre, IT, Photography & Food. I Love Food. I really like fashion. I want that Kim K money£$£$ but i'm not gonna Kim Kardashian my way up, word to Marsha.

EGO is pronounced "Ehh-Go" in the Nigerian language, Igbo; which means WEALTH. Ya Dig!?

If you're gorgeous, average, a model, MUA, an accountant, male, unemployed, gay, designer, female, writer, lesbian, fat, heterosexual, a painter, metrosexual.....Follow me now! Lets conversate! Cheers.

I am not a fashionista. NUDITY over Clothes!

Miami 2013.
<3 Azealia Banks
<3 Grace Coddington
<3 Teyana Taylor
<3 Angela Simmons
<3 God - Alpha & Omega.


    If pouting was my full-time job&#8230;..

    If pouting was my full-time job…..

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